How long is your passport valid for Canada?

Do you want to know the validity of the passport required to enter Canada? Find out the official information on this subject.

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To travel to Canada, whether for tourism or business, it is necessary to have various official documents with you that will be checked both when you board the plane and when you arrive in the country. Amongst these documents and legal proofs, there is of course a passport. The passport must have certain specific features, particularly in terms of validity. If you want to know how long a passport is valid for Canada, we suggest you find out the answer to this question in this detailed article.


What is the validity and other requirements for your passport to travel to Canada?

When you wish to visit Canada, you must of course travel with a valid passport. Remember that Canada is not part of the European Union. As such, you will not be able to travel there with a simple national identity card or other identity document.

The passport you will take with you on your trip will also be used to apply for a visa or an eTA authorisation to stay in Canada. It must also meet certain conditions, including being a legal document, not being expired and being recognised by Canada's immigration, refugee and citizenship services.

As you will have understood, your passport must of course be valid at the time you wish to enter Canada. Make sure you check the expiry date of your passport before you start any visa or eTA application procedure. The length of validity of your visa will also vary depending on the purpose of your trip to Canada and the length of your stay, as well as the type of travel authorization you wish to obtain.

If you are travelling to Canada for tourism, work or temporary study, you will need a residence permit. However, the validity of your passport must cover the entirety of your trip, and in the case of an application for an eTA, this validity must cover at least 6 months after the date of entry into the country.

Also, if you find that your passport has expired less than 6 months after the date of arrival in the country, we recommend that you submit a new passport application before applying for an eTA or visa.


What other requirements must your passport meet for travel to Canada?

The passport that you will present when applying for travel authorization and when travelling to Canada must also meet certain additional requirements.

For example, if you are from a country subject to a visa requirement, your passport for travel purposes must contain at least one blank page on which the visa will be affixed. This is not necessary for an EV application which will be electronically linked to the passport number.

It is also important to note that some documents are considered unreliable by the Canadian authorities and are therefore not considered valid when you enter Canada.

These include all passports issued by Somalia, non-machine readable passports issued by the Czech Republic and hourly passports issued by the Republic of South Africa. Provisional passports issued by Venezuela will also not be recognized as reliable and validated by Canadian authorities.


What other documents are required for travel to Canada?

The passport is not the only official document you should have with you when travelling to Canada. In fact, to travel to Canada, you will need to present a valid residence permit when you board your plane and when you arrive at the Canadian airport.

This can be a classic visa, which will be affixed directly to your passport. It can also be an Electronic Travel Authorisation (eTA) which will be electronically linked to your passport and which you can apply for online in just a few minutes. 

Once the validity of your passport has been checked, you can apply for this on the website of our approved service provider, who will provide you with a form and enable you to obtain this travel authorisation in less than 72 hours.

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Frequently asked questions

Can you travel to Canada with just an ID?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to travel to Canada simply with an identity document, unless you are Canadian or American. Indeed, nationals of countries other than Canada or the United States must present a valid passport to be allowed to stay in Canada, in addition to a valid eTA or visa. So make sure you have a valid passport before you plan your trip.

Do I have to print out my eTA and stick it in my passport?

Unlike the traditional visa, which is physically affixed to the passport of the applicant with a stamp, the eTA is dematerialised. This means that you will not have a stamp or document attached to your passport, but the permit will simply be linked to your passport number. Both the airline you are travelling with and the immigration officials when you arrive in the country will be able to see this authorisation from your passport number.

How long does a passport need to be valid to travel to Canada?

The passport you will use to travel to Canada must of course be valid both when you leave and when you return. Indeed, Canadian immigration law requires that any stay in the country must be fully covered by the validity of the passport.