Urgent Canada eTA: Procedure

Do you want to travel to Canada very quickly? Find out how to apply for an urgent eTA for this country.

Apply for an urgent eTA!

Usually, organising a trip to Canada is quick and easy enough to avoid having to worry about the time it takes to obtain an eTA. Indeed, an eTA application procedure of this type usually takes only 2-3 days at most. However, if you need to travel to Canada urgently, it is possible to obtain the eTA more quickly. On this page we explain whether it is possible to obtain an eTA for Canada urgently and what the procedure is.


Is it possible to obtain an urgent eTA?

It is quite possible to get an urgent processing of your eTA application on certain sites only. Not all websites that provide access to the eTA application form offer this feature.

We have selected a partner that allows you to obtain a faster eTA thanks to a specific request called urgent request. This urgent application is recommended if you wish to take a flight or check in luggage on a flight to Canada for departure in less than 72 hours.

In this case, it is possible, against payment of certain additional fees, to obtain an answer to your request within 30 minutes.

However, this timeframe is not necessarily guaranteed and in certain rare cases, the classic 72-hour timeframe may be applied. It should be noted, however, that the vast majority of urgent requests are processed within 20 to 30 minutes of the validation of the procedure.


What is the procedure for obtaining an urgent eTA?

If you are concerned by the above and wish to obtain an eTA to travel to Canada as quickly as possible, you can find a partner site offering this type of urgent application by following the link on this page.

The procedure to follow afterwards is exactly the same as for obtaining an eTA in the traditional way, with one difference.

First of all, you will of course need to access the online eTA application form. Make sure you have a valid passport that is valid for at least 6 months from the date of your arrival in the country, as you will be asked for the passport number on the form.

Simply tick the "Urgent" or "Urgent Application" box on the form to benefit from this rapid processing of your application.

Of course, you must pay the fee for the urgent eTA application for Canada by credit card to speed up the processing of the application.

Once your application has been submitted as urgent, it will be processed as soon as you have completed the form and made the payment. The average processing time is about 20 minutes after these steps have been completed.

Once your e-visa has been granted, you will receive an email confirmation. You will not need to print this eTA to take it with you when you travel, as it will be directly attached to your passport electronically.

However, please remember to note the eTA number you have obtained in the confirmation email in case you are asked for it when boarding.


How much time should I allow for an urgent eTA application procedure for Canada?

As we have just quickly seen, an urgent eTA application will be processed immediately after you have finished filling in the form and paying the application fee.

It will therefore be placed at the top of the list of applications processed by the Canadian approval system. The only time this 30-minute processing time may be extended is if an additional check by a customs official is required on your file. In this case, the delay can be up to 72 hours on most sites.


Is it also possible to apply for an urgent classic visa for Canada?

As with the urgent eTA procedure, it is also possible to obtain a visa for Canada more quickly than the normal deadlines. However, even if you choose the urgent application option, it will still take at least a few days.

For this reason, if your stay in Canada is planned to last less than 6 months, we recommend that you use the eTA procedure and not the regular visa procedure. With the normal processing times for eTA applications, you can obtain this authorisation to stay in Canada in less than 72 hours and you can also, as we have just seen, apply for this authorisation as a matter of urgency and receive it in less than an hour.

However, it should be remembered that in order to benefit from the electronic eTA procedure, your trip to Canada must only be for tourism or business purposes. It will not be possible to use an eTA to study or work in Canada. The eTA procedure is also reserved for citizens of some countries that have signed an agreement with Canada, including most EU countries.

Apply for an urgent eTA!

Frequently asked questions

Is the price of an urgent eTA higher than a standard eTA?

Of course, in order to obtain your eTA very quickly, you will have to pay an additional fee. This additional fee will allow you to benefit from a fast and almost immediate processing of your application and to obtain your residence permit by e-mail, in an average time of 30 minutes. Please note that payment of this fee is necessary to start the processing of your application.

How to speed up the processing of an eTA application for Canada?

In general, to ensure that your eTA application is processed in a timely manner and that you are able to complete your trip to Canada, you should take certain precautions. First of all, before you fill in the form, make sure you have your travel documents and the passport you are going to register with you. You should also make sure that you do not make any mistakes when filling in the online form.

Does applying for an urgent eTA guarantee that I will receive it?

Even if you apply for an urgent eTA by paying an additional fee, this does not guarantee that you will get your permission to stay in Canada. Indeed, if you do not meet the eligibility requirements for the eTA or if you make a mistake when filling in the form, your eTA may be refused.