How to apply for and get the tourist card for Cuba?

Find out our tips on how to fill in the tourist card for Cuba without making any mistakes and what information you need to fill in.

Apply for Cuba tourist card!

Depending on how you apply, your tourist card for Cuba will be filled in or not. In some cases, you will receive a blank tourist card for Cuba that you will have to fill in yourself. It is important to know how to fill in this card in order to ensure that your trip goes smoothly. Remember that a simple mistake or deletion could lead to a refusal of entry to Cuba when you arrive in the country. Fortunately, as we will see below, it is possible to obtain a pre-filled tourist card for Cuba that you can take with you on your trip.


What information is required on the tourist card for Cuba?

When you fill in your tourist card for Cuba, certain information is mandatory and particularly important, and you must not forget to fill it in. Here are the details:

  • Surname: The surname that you will fill in on your tourist card for Cuba must be the same as the one on your passport.
  • The first name: Once again, the first name that you will write on your tourist card for Cuba must be the same as the one mentioned in your passport. If you have more than one first name, it is advisable to fill in all your first names, making sure to separate them with a comma.
  • Date of birth: You will also need to fill in your date of birth, which must also match the date on your passport. The format of this date of birth will be DD/MM/YYYY.
  • Nationality: This refers to the nationality of your passport. For example, if you are an English national and have a passport issued in the United Kingdom, you would enter BRITISH here.
  • Passport number: Finally, you will of course need to fill in the passport number from which you will apply for a tourist card for Cuba. This number is the number that appears on the identity page of your passport at the top right of the page.

Each of these fields, without exception, must be filled in if you want your tourist card for Cuba to be considered valid by the authorities.


Is it possible to present a tourist card with a deletion?

One of the things you should pay particular attention to when filling in your tourist card for Cuba is the deletions. Indeed, it is important to carry out this task as carefully as possible in order to avoid any erasures or the need to correct an element.

When you write your name, surname, passport number or any other information on this card, be careful not to make any deletions. Indeed, in the eyes of the authorities, the slightest erasure will affect the validity of your tourist card. You would then have to redo the entire process before applying for a new card.

We therefore recommend that you take the time necessary to carry out this task in the best possible conditions by putting yourself in a quiet place and having at your disposal all the elements that you are going to have to fill in on this card, including your passport.

As we will see below, it is also possible to avoid any erasures by applying for a tourist card for Cuba directly online and through the website of a service provider such as the partner we recommend on this page.


What does the tourist card for Cuba look like?

When you receive your tourist card for Cuba, whether it is blank or pre-filled, you will notice that it is composed of two different parts. This is quite normal as the first part will be collected by the Cuban authorities when you arrive in the country. The other part will have to be kept for the whole of your stay in Cuba and presented when you leave the country, where it will be collected by the immigration officials.

This is important because when you are asked to fill in your tourist card for Cuba yourself, you must make sure that you fill in both sides in a strictly identical manner. Indeed, if the information on the right-hand side is not the same as that on the left-hand side, your card may also be considered invalid by the authorities.


How to get a pre-filled and error-free tourist card for Cuba?

As we have mentioned several times in this article, there is a way to get a tourist card for Cuba that is error-free and already filled out.

To do this, you just need to apply for a tourist card for Cuba directly online on the website of a partner offering a pre-filling system. This is the case with the service provider we recommend on this page, which allows you to enter information from your passport directly from an online form that will be systematically checked. The information is then clearly noted on your tourist card which will be sent to you already filled in.

This online procedure will only take a few minutes of your time and will allow you to obtain your tourist card within 3 working days at the most. You will not have to worry about filling in the card and can simply carry it with you when you travel to Cuba.

Apply for Cuba tourist card!

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Frequently asked questions

What other documents are needed to enter Cuba?

In addition to the tourist card that you will fill out or order pre-filled, you will also be required to carry a valid passport that is valid for 7 months after your arrival date in the country. The Cuban authorities also require that travellers entering the country have health insurance to cover them in case of accident or illness in the country.

What to do if you made a mistake when filling in the tourist card for Cuba?

You have filled in your Cuba tourist card and you have noticed that there is a mistake? In this case, you do not have the possibility of correcting this error since you have entered it manually and no erasures will be tolerated. The only solution is to order a new tourist card and fill it in again, taking care not to make any mistakes.

How can I get help to fill in a tourist card for Cuba?

The best way to get help with filling in the tourist card for a trip to Cuba is through an online tourist card application service. The websites of providers offering this service, such as the one we recommend here, will check that the information provided in the form is correct before printing it on your tourist card.